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What do you need to reserve?

We will need your contact information, the address of your special event and a $100 deposit to lock in your date and time; the deposit is fully refundable with a 15 days notice of cancellation, excludes Holidays (via text or email). All events must be paid in full 7 days before the event date (reservations are not guarantied without a deposit). If you are planning an event within less than a week of an available event date, bookings will require full payment. Events at Hotels and Airbnb require the final payment of Cash or Zelle ONLY as soon we arrive - No Credit Card, CashApp or Venmo accepted for these events.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Fortunately, our self contained Mobile Video Game Theater provides an awesome environment, rain or shine. However, we understand that sometimes things simply come up. Rescheduling an event is always an option and can be done one time without incurring any cancellation charges.​


Cancellation Charges

A cancellation fee of 100% applies to cancellation made less than 36 hours in advance
A cancellation fee of 50% applies to cancellation made less than 7 days in advance
A cancellation fee of $100.00 applies to cancellation made less than 14 days in advance
A Full Refund will be provided for cancellations made 15 days in advance

Credit Card Change Back

A charge back fee of $25 per transaction will be added to your outstanding balance 

How many people can Game Runner accommodate?

Our 24 Player can handle up to 24 guest inside and 36 Player can play up to 28 guest inside and 8 guest outside under two TV windows.

Is there a minimum age for the players?

While people can start gaming at a very young age, we ask that our attendees be able to read and take direction from the staff. Therefore, we do ask that at least one adult/host be present to supervise 5 years and under children.

How much space does Game Runner require?

Our Game Theaters require about 35 or 50 feet of fairly level space for parking, plus some room to pull in and out. The theaters should fit in front of almost any house but may block your driveway for the duration of the event. In parking lots, we take between 6-8 parking spaces (for safety we do leave the truck attached). The ability to pull straight into curb side parking is preferred as parallel parking a truck and trailer can be challenging.

Where can Game Runner setup?

Because the Game Runner Mobile Video Game Theaters are self contained, we can setup almost anywhere there is ample level parking. We can easily setup at homes, parks, schools, sports fields, churches, businesses, community centers, etc. We provide our own electricity but we can also accept shore power (power distribution) for indoor and larger events.

How much do events cost?

Game Runner's pricing is highly competitive with the average cost of other events such as indoor inflatable parties, trampoline parks, golf or bowling centers or other types of parties consisting of 10 or more people. Check the Pricing page for exact pricing information and specials.

I live in (your address), is there a mileage, drop off, or delivery fee?

We have a fairly extensive service area in which we do not charge for additional mileage. In the case that your event is out of our primary service area, the Booking Form has all of our travel charges by city and zip code. Areas outside of the Miami-Dade, Broward and central Palm Beach counties, give us a call and we will work out a reasonable mileage quote. We do not charge any additional fees for delivering or dropping off our mobile game theaters.

Will you need to plug into my home's power source?

No at all. Game Runner is a fully self contained unit. We have our own generators on board that provides power to run all of our systems. There is no need to plug anything into your home's power system.


Do I need to supervise the party?

While parents are always welcome to observe or participate in the fun, it is normally not necessary. We do however ask that at least one adult/host be present to supervise children 5 years and under. Game Runner includes a Game Coach(s) who will keep everything running smoothly and everyone engaged in the fun.


Is it appropriate to tip the Game Coaches?

Yes, it's appropriate for a job well done. Our staff works hard before, during, and after the event to ensure everyone has a good time. Gratuity is not required, it is encouraged and appreciated, if you feel your Game Coach has exceeded your expectations.


Are food and beverages allowed inside our Game Runner Mobile Video Game Theaters?

Sorry, but due to the sensitive nature of the electronics inside the theaters, we do not allow any food or beverages inside.


Are alcohol or drugs allowed inside the Game Runner Mobile Video Game Theaters?

Of course alcohol can be served at your event as long as you provide it. We will not serve or provide alcohol to anyone. Drugs will not be tolerated in or around the Game Theaters. If our game coaches notices any drugs being used or alcohol being served to minors, we will have the right to terminate the event immediately and will be forced to report this illegal activity to the proper authorities.

Any Other Rules?

All guests entering must sanitize their hands each time they come into the game theaters

No food (including candy and gum)
No drinks

No smoking or vaping
No excess use of foul language

No fighting or horseplay
No climbing on or over the seats

How do you handle parties in bad weather?

Game Runner is a self contained, insulated, and climate controlled environment. Rain will not ruin the fun! 

We have a high-output air-conditioning systems to keep you cool in the hot and humid South Florida weather.

Tropical Storm and Hurricanes:
We cannot operate in Tropical Storm or Hurricanes conditions….  Because of the uncertainty of storms, we will continue to operate as long as it is safe for us to be on the road.  We will work with you to reschedule or cancel your event party if you need time for storm preparation or storm clean up.  

What games are available to play?

We carry a fairly comprehensive catalog of games ranging from E to M in ratings. Game Runner is meant to be a social gaming experience so most of our games are multi-player. 

Where can you park? (DAMAGE)

If the event host requests our Mobile Game Theater to be positioned in a certain way or parked in a specific location (other than the required parked position) we (Game Runner LLP) and our Employees will not be responsible for any property or equipment damage made by our Mobile Game Theater due to the request made by the event host. If any damage is made willfully or purposely by the event’s guests, Game Runner LLP will have the right to charge the client’s credit card for damages to our trailer or equipment. We (Game Runner LLP) or our Employees will not be held responsible for any injuries/damages sustained on the client’s property or in any location our Mobile Game Theater is parked for an event. Event host/client will be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries. Our Mobile Game Theater must be parked in a spacious parking area, we will not park in any area that can result in someone getting hurt or causing property damage. Our Mobile Game Theater will not be detached from our truck, this is to protect anyone from getting hurt.

What do you do with my information?

Game Runner LLP is adamant about protecting your privacy and personal information. All information we obtain from our customers on our site or in person will strictly be used for bookings and all information gathered from our customers will be kept secured, we use such info only to enhance your experience. We do not share, sell, rent or disclose any of your personal information to others.

What is the cost if something is damaged or missing?

An inventory of all games, controllers and equipment is performed before and at the conclusion of each event.  If any equipment is found damaged or missing, the client will be responsible for financially reimbursing Game Runner LLP for the damaged or missing equipment.  

The fees are as follows:
Video Game Disc or SD Card – $75

Video Game Controller – $100
Sound Bars – $100
Seats - $450

Game Runner Signage – $250

Video Game System – $550
HD or 4K LED TVs – $600

What do you do with the pictures you take?

While your party is in effect the Game Coach will be taking pictures of the party from inside and outside the Game Theater. You will then be able to view these pictures and video on the Game Runner LLP Facebook page and mygamerunner Instagram account and copy them to your files. If you do not want our Game Coach taking these pictures or posting them on our Facebook page & Instagram account please contact us prior to the party. This is a service we provide to our guests so they can be sure to capture their gaming party as it happens.

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