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Huge Game Selection

Game Runner offers a huge selection of games to choose from for your event. Game Runner's coaches will ask about game restrictions when they arrive.

Latest Video Game Systems

Game Runner has an updated collection of all the latest and most popular video game systems, which are equipped with system link capability for advanced multiplayer offline gaming. Party-goers will be wowed by all the modern gaming equipment packed into Game Runner's mobile theater.

Our Method

We at Game Runner believe that service goes hand-in-hand with great value. Sometimes people tend to downgrade their concept of something that seems competitively priced.


We strive on giving our customers THE BEST in mobile entertainment, with the latest technology, the latest games and movies, coupled with unmatched customer service! All delivered at a price that will have you wondering HOW and WHY we do it...

Well to answer the question, it's simple...
We are also parents; we want the best for our children! We want to provide a great party at a great price.


With Game Runner your party will be a wonderful success, so much so that your child and their friends will be talking about it for weeks. You will be equally amazed at the level of service you get for your hard earned money.


Go ahead and check out our prices.

Game Coach

Our Game Coaches have a passion for gaming and their job is to lend expert advice, motivate, and manage your party. Though parents are free to relax inside the house or visit with friends while the guests play, we require that one responsible adult remain on site for the duration of the event, and if there are players under the age of 6, at least one (1) adult accompany them in the theater.

Technology & Comfort

20-feet of fun parked outside of your home, church, park or office. Upon entering you're dazzled with our light and surround sound systems, you'll be refreshed by our high output climate controlled a/c system, (this system is designed for a much larger unit, thus the hottest day will be no match).


Straight across you you'll notice the biggest screens for a mobile theater this size. Four 50" HD LED LCD Monitors that make games and movies come alive.


Each of these monitors are driven by the most popular gaming systems, and enough wireless remotes to satisfy the most devout gamers.


Seating is wide and comfortable with twin tiers. We can accommodate 16 players with room for spectators.

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