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Huge Game Selection

Game Runner offers an extensive selection of games titles to choose at your event. Our game coaches will ask about game restrictions when they arrive.

Latest Video Game Systems

Game Runner has an updated collection of the newest and most popular video game systems, which are connected to the internet via our commercial router. Party-goers will be wowed by all the modern gaming equipment packed into our mobile video game theaters.


Our Method

We at Game Runner believe that service goes hand-in-hand with great value. We strive on giving our customers the BEST in mobile video gaming entertainment, with the latest technology and video games, coupled with unmatched customer service! All delivered to your location.

With Game Runner your party will be An Epic Gaming Experience, your child and friends will be talking about it for weeks and you will be equally amazed at the level of service.

Game Coach

Our Game Coaches have a passion for gaming and their job is to lend expert advice, motivate, and manage your party. 


Parents are not required to stay inside the game theater but are welcome to come in when ever they would like. However, if there are players under the age of 5, we will need at least one adult to accompany them in the game theater.


Technology & Comfort

Our 24 & 36 player game theaters can park outside of your home, school, church, park or office. Upon entering you're dazzled with our lights and surround sound systems, you'll be refreshed by our high output climate controlled A/C systems.


Straight across you will notice the amount of HD TV screens for a mobile theater this size that make the games come alive.


Each of these TV screens are driven by the most popular gaming systems, and enough wireless controllers to satisfy the most devout gamers.


Seating is wide and comfortable with twin tiers. We can accommodate 24 or 36 players at a time.

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